ATLAS Physics Workshop of the Americas
June 16 - 18, 2008
 Simon Fraser University
Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
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Final Announcement
  Dear colleague,

* Read even if you are NOT attending *

This is the final announcement for the ATLAS Physics Workshop to be held:
June 16-18 at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby (Vancouver)

Information on the conference can be found here!

Most of this email applies to those of you who will attend in person, but we wanted to inform everyone that the talks will be available by videoconference for those who are interested. Details on how to connect will appear on the
workshop website as soon as they are available.

The following information will be useful for those attending in person.

1) You will find attached a map of the campus that has sites relevant to the workshop labelled.

2) Those of you staying at SFU should have received arrival instructions directly from the housing office. This is as simple as going to the location labelled on the map.
However, I remind you that if you are arriving after 5:00PM, you should STOP at the security office and have them contact the housing person on call.

Many of you will be arriving on Sunday and you should be aware that because it is summer, most food outlets and stores on campus have limited hours; this is even more restricted on the weekend.

Renaissance Coffee in the cornerstone building will be open until 9:00PM and you should be able to get soups, sandwiches and muffins, etc. there.

The Viewpoint Marketplace, also in the cornerstone building, is open on weekends, but only until 5:00PM. If you are arriving in the evening, you might want to eat before you "come up the mountain" as the locals say.

Another possibility for dinner is Horizons restaurant, which is off campus, but within walking distance of the residences. There is a crude map attached indicating where the restaurant is but it does not show the path off of W Campus Rd if you are walking. Horizons is a very nice restaurant with a fabulous view, but it is not cheap.

4) Wireless internet will be available at the workshop venue, but it does not reach to the residences. The rooms are equipped with hardwire internet, but you must bring your own wire.

5) For those staying at the hotel, I have attached two maps of the area around the hotel, and between the hotel and SFU. You can also get arrival info from the hotel web site.    map 1    map 2

6) Registration for the conference will be outside Images Theater starting at 8:15 on Monday morning. We will endeavour to have signs up, but it should be relatively easy to navigate with the map.

7) One of our students has written instructions on how to use public transit from the airport, and from the hotel to SFU. However, I recommend you take a taxi from the airport, as transit uses a circuitous route that will take about 1.5 hours! It is 30 minutes by car.

8) Finally, visitor parking is indicated on the map. Those staying at the residences should ask there about parking. There is a parking lot that you can use if you are a guest.

I think that's all you need to know to get to SFU safely.
I wish you a good trip!

Mike Vetterli

P.S. While I am thinking of details, I should warn you that when you leave Vancouver, you will have to clear US customs at the airport. You should therefore give yourself some extra time.