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2010 IUPAP Prize Winners
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1. Dr. Kenji Fukushima
  Kyoto University

For his development of the effective chiral model with the Polyakovloop coupling as an effective theory for the quark degreesof freedom. The model incorporates the confinement/deconfinementtransition and describes the role of confinement anddynamical breaking of chiral symmetry in hot and dense matter, in situations where numerical lattice simulations are inapplicable.

2 Dr. Peter Mueller
  Argonne National Laboratory

For his leadership in the development of laser trapping and coolingtechniques to make the first precise measurements of the charge radii of the neutron‐rich nuclei, 6He and 8He, and for highly sensitive trace isotopeabundanceanalysis and for experimental studies of fundamental interactions.


3 Dr. Lijuan Ruan
  Brookhaven National Laboratory

For her pivotal role in the development of multi‐gap resistive platechamber (MRPC) technologyfor use in particle identification via thetime‐of‐flight technique and in the installation andcommissioning of the STAR Time‐of‐Flight (TOF) detector and for her forefront, original research on the production and transport of particles containingstrange and charm quarks.

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