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Minutes of the IUPAP Working Group (WG.9) on International Cooperation in Nuclear Physics (ICNP), held in Vancouver, BC, on June 19, 2006, in the Conference Room at TRIUMF.

Present: Anthony W. Thomas (Chair) - JLab
Willem T.H. van Oers (Secretary) - Manitoba
Samuel H. Aronson - BNL
Richard F. Casten - Yale
Brian Fulton (Chair NuPECC) - York
Sidney Gales - GANIL
Walter F. Henning - GSI
Alinka Lepine-Szily - Sao Paulo
Tohru Motobayashi - RIKEN
Shoji Nagamiya - J-Parc
Jean-Michel Poutissou - TRIUMF
Robert Tribble - (Chair NSAC) - Texas A&M
Wenlong Zhan - Lanzhou

Regrets: Muhsin N. Harakeh - KVI

Absent: Victor A. Matveev - INR

Present as observers: Stuart J. Freedman - UC-Berkeley
Pauchy Hwang - NTU
Giovanni Ricco - INFN
Hideyuki Sakai - Tokyo
Wen-qing Shen - CNSF

Welcome and introduction of new members of WG.9 by the Chair;
Adoption of the proposed agenda;
Approval of the minutes of the CICNP meeting on August 3, 2005, in Budapest.

! Note that the combination of symbols A! are required action items !

Remarks by the Chair:
CICNP became a Working Group of IUPAP (WG.9) at the IUPAP General
Assembly meeting in Capetown in October 2005;
It will participate in the OECD Global Science Forum Working Group
on Nuclear Physics (at the March 6-7, 2006, meeting in Arlington, VA,
of the latter WG.9 was represented by AWT, WTHvO, and WFH),
summary of that meeting is attached;
WG.9 will submit a report to the OECD Working Group containing an
optimized view for nuclear physics research from a worldwide perspective,
indicating how and where this nuclear physics can be accomplished;
The report will contain a compendium of nuclear physics laboratories
worldwide operating as a users facility.
The next meeting of the OECD Working Group will be in Rome at INFN
Headquarters, October 10-11, 2006.

Brian Fulton reported on the activities of NuPECC and on the start of
a new long range plan exercise by the European nuclear physics community.
The report has been attached.

Robert Tribble gave an overview of the very difficult funding situation
for nuclear physics in the US in the current FY, but also stated that the
situation for outlying years may be much more positive (if the budget
prepared by OMB of the White House in the context of the National
Competitiveness Initiative gets adopted by Congress). A new Long Range
Plan exercise is to start late this summer. It will comment on the JLab
upgrade, RHIC-II upgrade, a Rare Isotope Accelerator, an electron-ion
collider; it will give consideration to international collaborations.
The overlap between NSAC and NUSAG was noted.

Further remarks:
This is the first time that DoE Nuclear Physics is serious about
establishing international collaborations.
The report should present the nuclear physics possibilities in an
objective manner.

Jean-Michel Poutissou reported on the NSERC Long Range Plan exercise
for Canadian Subatomic Physics which isabout to be completed and
described its main recommendations. The report will be available on
the LRPC website:

Wen-Quing Shen gave a verbal report on nuclear physics facilities in

Shoji Nagamiya presented a short report on the nuclear physics facilities
in Japan; a written report is attached.

The Brochure:
1) Missing are still the entries from five laboratories in India after
many repeated requests in person or as e-mail requests,
web addresses for these have been entered in the Brochure;
from Russia - JINR-Dubna, INR-Troitsk, PNPI/neutron division-Gatchina,
from South-Africa (200 MeV cyclotron);
from Egypt (K500 cyclotron), web address will be entered in the Brochure;
A! from Japan - JAERI, Tohoku University, Tsukuba University
[Shoji Nagamiya and Tohru Motobayashi];
A! underground laboratories (in addition to Snolab and LNGS)! [Stuart
Freedman will collect]

A! All questions starting with "The next few questions are of a more
general character will be removed from the entries in the Brochure
[Susan Brown]

Tables according to types of facilities (electromagnetic,
light-ion, heavy-ion, radioactive ion to be produced [a summer student?]

The existence of many smaller nuclear physics facilities needs to be

2) Some fine tuning of the Introduction to the Brochure needs to be done;
Executive Summary received from Sam Aronson;
A! A compilation using Tables and a World Map is required [Walter Henning]
Latest version of the Questionnaire needs to be circulated to all
members of WG.9, has been done;
A! Edit the four science sections of the Introduction [Rick Casten]
The table listing the various nuclear physics laboratories requires
a short introductory paragraph, has been done;
A! Add some figures and/or illustrations through out the text [???];
A! A section on "Applications of Nuclear Physics" needs to be added
[Walter Henning]
Care should be taken when giving #'s of scientific personnel (staff,
research associates, graduate students)

3) Costs of producing 5000 hard copies (with an attractive front page):
The IUPAP secretariat (Judy Franz), the DoE (Dennis Kovar) and the
OECD (Stefan Michalowski)have been approached.


Applications for IUPAP conference sponsorship will be considered
together with C12.

The next meeting of WG.9 will take place on Sunday, June 3, 2007,
while the meeting of C12 will be on Tuesday, June 5, 2007, during
INPC2007 in Tokyo, Japan.


A web page for WG.9 will be established.


Willem T.H. van Oers
Jefferson Laboratory
July 7, 2006


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