All sessions are in A203 Buchanan Building on the UBC Campus
Monday, July 30
8:30 Registration Buchanan Building
9:00   Welcome
9:15 Tony Thomas (JLab) Spin Structure of the Nucleon: from Models to Lattice QCD, Free and Bound
10:00 Eva-Maria Kabuss (Mainz) COMPASS overview, inclusive and semi-inclusive results
10:45   Coffee
11:15 Gail Dodge (ODU) The Spin Structure of the Proton and Deuteron: Recent Results from CLAS
11:45 Norihiro Doshita (Yamagata) Measurement of the Gluon Polarization at COMPASS
12:15   Lunch
2:00 Lara De Nardo (DESY & TRIUMF) Review of global QCD fitting of parton helicity distributions
2:45 Yoshimitsu Imazu (Tokyo Tech) Global QCD Analysis of Parton Distributions and Fragmentation Functions
3:15 Kazutaka Sudoh (KEK) Determination of fragmentation functions and their uncertainties
3:45   Coffee
4:15 Will Jacobs (Indiana U) Probing the Proton's Spin Structure with Hard Scattering, Jets and the STAR Detector at RHIC: Recent Results
4:50 Alexander Bazilevsky (BNL) Proton Spin Structure from Longitudinally Polarized pp Collisions from PHENIX at RHIC
5:20 Todd Averett (William and Mary) Neutron Spin Structure Studies at Jefferson Lab-- Very Low Q^2 GDH, Sum Rules and Spin Duality
5:50   End of session
6:30   Reception at Cecil Greene (edge of campus)
Tuesday, July 31
9:00 Mauro Anselmino (Torino) The transverse spin structure of the nucleon
9:45 Gunar Schnell (Gent) Transverse Spin Physics at HERMES
10:30   Coffee
11:00 Takahiro Iwata (Yamagata) Results for Transverse Spin Physics at COMPASS
11:30 Ming Liu (LANL) Overview of Spin Physics with Transversely Polarized Beams at PHENIX
12:00 Les Bland (BNL) Transverse single spin asymmetries in large xF neutral pion production at STAR
12:30   Lunch
2:00 Yiji Koike (Niigata) New Developments in the Twist-3 Mechanism for Single Transverse Spin Asymmetries: Factorization, Gauge invariance, and Master formula for SGP mechanism
2:45 Masashi Wakamatsu (Osaka) The role of orbital angular momentum in the interal spin structure of the nucleon
3:30   Coffee
4:00 Kazuhiro Tanaka (Juntendo) Soft gluon resummation in transversely polarized Drell-Yan process at small transverse momentum: double-spin asymmetries and novel asymptotic formula
4:30 Ralf Kaiser (Glasgow) Spin physics with PANDA
5:00 Marco Contalbrigo (Ferrara) The status of the PAX project at FAIR
5:30 Petr Zavada (Prague) Parton distribution functions and quark orbital motion
6:00   End of session
Wednesday, August 1
9:00 Dieter Mueller (Bochum) GPDS and hard exclusive processes
9:45 Franck Sabatie (Saclay) Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering at Jefferson Lab
10:15 Caroline Riedl (DESY) DVCS and Exclusive processes at HERMES
10:45   Coffee
11:15 Jeroen Dreschler (NIKHEF) Exclusive Meson Production at HERMES
11:45 Douglas Hasell (MIT) Studying Nucleon Structure with Spin at BLAST
12:15 Nicola Bianchi (INFN) Determination of the Gluon Polarization at HERMES
12:45   Lunch
2:00 Yoshiyuki Miyachi (Tokyo Tech) The strange spin in the nucleon from neutrino scattering
2:30 Itaru Nakagawa (RIKEN) PHENIX Detector Upgrades for Spin Physics
3:00 Antje Bruell (JLab) The JLab 12 GeV Upgrade
3:45   End of session
4:30   Bus to downtown Vancouver
6:30   Cash bar open in Coast Plaza banquet room
7:30   Banquet at Coast Plaza Hotel
10:00   Celebration of Light (viewed from banquet room)
Thursday, August 2
9:00 Michael Kohl (MIT) A Definitive Experiment to Quantify Multi-Photon Exchange in Lepton Scattering
9:45 Ernst Sichtermann (LBL) Spin physics with a future electron-ion collider
10:30   Coffee
11:00 Christoph Montag (BNL) EIC machine concepts
11:45 Stan Brodsky (SLAC) Hadronic Spin Physics and New Perspectives from AdS/QCD
12:30   Lunch