Browser Compatibility

This website has been tested on various platforms and several different browsers. The following combinations have been tested and results are provided below. Note that this does not guarantee the proper operation of untested combinations:

Browser OS Dependent Status
Windows Linux Mac
Mozilla FireFox 1.0 [gf] [gf] [gb]
Mozilla 1.7x [gf] [gf] [gb]
Mozilla 1.4x [gf] [gf] [gb]
Internet Explorer 6.0 [gf] - [gb]
Internet Explorer 5.5 [bf] - [bb]
Internet Explorer 5.0 [bf] - [bb]
Internet Explorer 4.0 [yf] - -
Netscape 8.0 [gf] - -
Netscape 7.1 [gf] [gf] [gb]
Netscape 4.x [yf] [yf] [yb]
Opera 7.5 [gf] [gf] [gb]
Opera 7.2 [bf] [bf] [bb]
Opera 6.x [bb] [bb] [bb]
Safari - - [gb]
Camino - - [gb]
Konqueror 3.1 - [bf] [bb]
Galleon - [bb] [bb]
Links / Lynx - [yf] [yf]
Browser Support Tested Untested
Full CSS support [gf] [gb]
CSS Layout, javascript menus [bf] [bb]
No CSS, no javascript menus [yf] [yb]

Usage Notes:

  • CSS: The Layout of the page is controlled using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Additionally the pop-up menu functionality is driven using CSS, with a fallback to javascript on older browsers.
  • Javascript: This website is designed to work both with and without Javascript enabled. Javascript is the fallback for the pop-up menus on older broswers. Javascript is also used to open pop-up windows for images, and to open links in new windows.

To report any other problems with this site, please contact the Webmaster.