TRIUMF Images to Download

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Photo of the cyclotron vacuum tank being lowered onto the magnet.November 1971: The cyclotron vacuum tank is lifted into position and lowered onto the magnet.
Photo of TRIUMF Staff sitting on the cyclotron magnet in January of 1972.January 1972: TRIUMF staff gather on the lower six sectors of the cyclotron magnet.
Photo of Director J. R. Richardson tuning the proton beam to 500 Mev in December of 1974.December 1974: Director Dr. J. R. Richardson tunes the proton beam to the design energy of 500 Mev
Photo of Prime Minister Trudeau visiting TRIUMFFebruary 1976: Prime Minister Trudeau visits TRIUMF. "I don't really know what a cyclotron is but I am certainly very happy Canada has one!"
Photo of the M15 BeamlineNovember 1984: M15, a beamline for low energy muons that climbs the wall.
Photo of Japanese PM Kaifu Opening the M9 Beamline in September of 1989.September 1989: Japanese Prime Minister Kaifu (third from right) opens Beamline M9 with Director Erich Vogt(far left) and Dr. George Goodman (far right). A jointly funded project between Canada and Japan.
Photo of TRIUMF Staff pictured with the ISAC Radio Frequency Quadrupole.May 1999: Some of the TRIUMF staff pictured with the ISAC Radio Frequency Quadrupole (RFQ).
Photo of the Silver AnniversaryDecember 1999: The Silver Anniversary celebration of the first extraction of a full energy proton beam from the TRIUMF cyclotron. Pictured are TRIUMF Directors from left, Dr. Jack Sample, Dr. Alan Astbury, and Dr. Erich Vogt.