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[edit] ATLAS Desktop Cluster

We have a NIS cluster to allow easy cross-NFS mounting of the /home and /data directories on individual nodes. Whichever node you log on to, you should be able to use the same username / password, and see the same /home/<user> directory contents. The scratch disks are mostly mounted as /data/<node name> or /data/<node name>_2 (e.g. /data/isabel or /data/atlaspc01_2). Home directories are backed up to amanda on a nightly basis; scratch disks are for large files which can easily be replaced (ATLAS datasets etc.).

Some old, unused user accounts (visitors, summer students, temporary test accounts, etc.) have been moved to /data/isabel/OldUserAccounts. This is only readable by root. Ask Isabel if you think you might need something from there.

--Isabel 14:25, 11 August 2010 (PDT)

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