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[edit] Cell Killer Update

Ian is comparing the effect of killing hardware in the DB (in principle nicer because there will still be noise...) with Kai's Cell Killer tool.

The images show the same qqgamma event (run 8078 event 1972), LAr cells above (default) 250 MeV threshold only. Note the cluster of duller-green cells near the bright green cell on the left... It is clearly gone in the "old-style" cell killer event, and clearly there in the "Oracle" cell-killer event. The event was chosen because there was a nice cluster of cells right in the middle of the main barrel hole that the cell-killer tools should be making.

Use Oracle DB, don't kill any cells:


Kill cells in Oracle DB:


"Old-style" Cell-killer:


[edit] Running Kai's Cell Killer Tool at TRIUMF

Use 11.0.42 for now. Install a copy of SetupReleaseOnTrshare setup script for monolithic releases.

source SetupReleaseOnTrshare 11.0.42
cd $workdir
mkdir cellkiller
cd cellkiller
get_files -jo FakeProblems_jobOptions.py
get_files -jo myTopOptions.py

Edit myTopOptions.py according to Kai's instructions:

#The Detector Description

#Number of Events to process

#Input Raw Data

#Suppress the production of NTuple Histograms
doCBNT = False
doHist = False

# AOD Flags are set here - comment out and set appropriately
from ParticleEventAthenaPool.AODFlags import AODFlags
AODFlags.Streaming = False # switch off streaming

PoolESDOutput = "myNotPerfectESD.root"
PoolAODOutput = "myNotPerfectAOD.root"
CollOutput = "myNotPerfectTAG.root"

# main jobOption
include ("RecExCommon/RecExCommon_topOptions.py")
include ("FakeProblems_jobOptions.py")

Get a copy of the RDO file - I have now got Don Quijote dq2_get to work, but for one file whose location is known, you can also use:

globus-url-copy gsiftp://castorgrid.cern.ch/castor/cern.ch/atlas/csc/valiprod/sampleA/mc11/004100.T1_McAtNLO_top/digit/v11000401/mc11.004100.T1_McAtNLO_top.digit.RDO.v11000401._00015.pool.root file:///data/Simfiles/mc11.004100.T1_McAtNLO_top.digit.RDO.v11000401._00015.pool.root

probably you should run


and then you might need to do

pool_insertFileToCatalog /data/Simfiles/mc11.004100.T1_McAtNLO_top.digit.RDO.v11000401._00015.pool.root

(adjust the PoolRDOInput line to match whatever you do here).

And finally

athena -s myTopOptions.py | tee testcellkiller.log

produces the expected "messed up" ESD and AOD files.

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