Local ATLAS Computing at TRIUMF


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For our local group's computing needs, distinct from the Tier 1, we run the following:

The Tier-3 server runs some user services for ATLAS-Canada, in addition to the TRIUMF Tier-3 services. We won't discuss those here. For the local group, the relevant services on the Tier-3 server are:

  • Athena releases installation (for both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures)
  • gLite User Interface
  • Ganga
  • pacman

How to setup your desktop / laptop to use ATLASLocalRootBase

Some notes on setting up ATLAS software at TRIUMF and running Athena jobs from TRIUMF on lxplus, on your workstation or on the GRID.

Most of the desktop machines for the ATLAS group at TRIUMF are combined in a cluster. If you have an account on one of them, you should be able to log into it from any of them and access your home directory as if you were on your own machine (the only catch is that your own machine, where the home directory is physically, has to be working at the time). The cluster master is a virtual machine on UPS. The data/scratch disks are mostly mounted so that they can be seen from all of the nodes in the cluster.

Using PROOF has some information on how to use the PROOF cluster, which is no longer available.

Local cluster setup notes details for adding user accounts and cluster nodes

ganglia and nagios monitoring for local ATLAS Cluster and Tier-3 Servers.

Local ATLAS Computing Wish List

We finally managed to upgrade the cluster to SL5. Of course, SL6 is getting pretty mature now...

Setting up FreeNX - you can use this to log in to ds02 or ds03 from one of the iGel thin clients we have borrowed.

The one-liner for nvidia drivers on atlasremote: yum --disablerepo \* --enablerepo elrepo update nvidia-kmod (When setting that up in the first place, first get nvidia-detect, then get the appropriate nvidia-drv etc.)

Testing / updating local Firefox or Thunderbird versions

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