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I have added the Muon Track system to the HEPVis event viewer HitDisplay. This is a hobby, and in principle I don't really work on it anymore. I am trying to get away from anything Moore-specific (Muonboy-specific code is already purged) and use common Track and Segment classes. There is a small problem since the HEPVis and Inventor classes migrated into the main release structure (11.0.x) because now some symbols in referenced at runtime by the "Origin Axes" in the "Measurement System" menu are not found and the whole viewer crashes when I try to display my axes... --Isabel 16:13, 21 Nov 2005 (PST)

Generic Muonboy-free HitDisplay committed and tagged as 00-00-52. Currently there are terrible problems because the magnetic field service does not auto-recognize the geometry and Joe B has built a wrapper for HitDisplay which creates a private geometry service - this works if it is the ONLY geometry service (eg for v-atlas) but not in a reconstruction job. Laurent is looking at putting the necessary changes into the official geometry service; when that is done we will be able to use HitDisplay in reconstruction jobs again.--Isabel 15:48, 12 December 2005 (PST)

I am able to run HitDisplay in ordinary reconstruction jobs (e.g. RecExCommon) with the following recipe for 12.0.0: edit the default (or customized) from RecExCommon and add these two lines at the bottom:

 theApp.Dlls += [ "HitDisplay" ]
 theApp.TopAlg  += [ "HitDisplay"]

Then run the job with the following magic formula (if I run it normally, the display crashes):

 athena -i AthenaCommon/

and select the reconstruction objects you are interested in for each event in the display (i.e. Control - Launch - Muon Track - Reconstructed Muon Tracking Objects - Muid and Staco Tracks)

Use the "play" button (triangle) to go to the next event.

--Isabel 09:24, 29 June 2006 (PDT)

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