Muons in the 2004 Combined Testbeam


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[edit] Alignment

MuonAlignmentCnv-00-00-15 did make it into 10.5.0 (not 10.4.1) but does not help with the two error messages it was supposed to cure:

  • IOVDbMgr ERROR No folder found for this TAD
  • DetectorStore ERROR could not bind handle to GenericDbTable to key: /mdt/dcs/align/aramys_Corr
  • IOVDbMgr ERROR No folder found for this TAD
  • DetectorStore ERROR could not bind handle to GenericDbTable to key: /mdt/dcs/align/asap_Corr

Still need a long-term solution for IOVSvc and alignment, but maybe this should just be an ATLAS solution and the CTB is "good enough"? --Isabel 13:20, 16 Nov 2005 (PST)

I should document my private jobOptions for finding Moore tracks in CTB events. As of RecExTB-00-01-08 no additional files are required. To run on local calibration files instead of the defaults on afs, I set a flag MuonTBFlags.PathToCal="/data/CalibrationCopy/" just after the MuonLayout flag is set. MuonTBRecExample now includes all other job options for running full Moore reconstruction, but the new flag MuonTBRecoAlgs.MooreFullReco if false by default, to keep the old behaviour.--Isabel 15:48, 12 December 2005 (PST)

[edit] BIS

Tags needed for BIS chambers to work are all in the release. Some special job options should go into RecExTB or equivalent place (probably tidier to put them somewhere else). For now they are in my private jobOptions. These job options are broken in 11.0.2 because the PrepRawData require the use of the ATLAS MDTcabling service, and the file used by that to remap cabling info from the testbeam service does not know about the BIS chamber. They seem to work in the latest 11.0.3 nightlies. In the latest tags of MuonTBData-00-00-63 and MDTcabling-00-02-20, the BIS is included in the default CTB cabling maps, so for the 11.1.0 nightlies I have put MuonTBRecExample-00-00-28 into the release; this is supposed to set the BIS-on geometry options to match the cabling maps, but actually I think the file that it is in never gets called in RecExTB, so you still need to put by hand a line to set GeoModelSvc.MuonDetectorTool.IncludeCtbBis=True when MuonTBFlags.BISon.--Isabel 15:48, 12 December 2005 (PST)

[edit] General Problems

Problem (restricted to CTB) that RPC PrepData digits are reflected to wrong end of chamber (wrong doubletPhi). --Isabel 14:42, 18 Nov 2005 (PST)

Edited the HEAD of MuonTBConditions-00-00-70 so that the algorithm failure when no muon digit container is found in MuonTBSetTrigger will properly get its error message out before it stops all other algorithms from running on that event. Note that this may not be the desired behaviour; for example, with a simulated photon run, there is no digit container so we have to hope the muon algorithms are being run after all the egamma algorithms. Otherwise the egamma people might not like us very much.--Isabel 16:05, 14 December 2005 (PST)

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