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[edit] Exactly What I Did To Get a pAthena job To Run at TRIUMF

(on a 32-bit SL4.5 computer)

  • source
  • source -d clusterMulti32 -r 13.0.40
  • (localSetupGLite)
  • localSetupDQ2
  • voms-proxy-init -voms=atlas:/atlas/ca
  • cd $TestArea
  • cmt co PhysicsAnalysis/DistributedAnalysis/PandaTools
  • cd PhysicsAnalysis/DistributedAnalysis/PandaTools/cmt
  • source
  • gmake
  • cd $TestArea/PhysicsAnalysis/AnalysisCommon/UserAnalysis/run
  • pathena --inDS=trig1_misal1_csc11.005145.PythiaZmumu.recon.AOD.v12000601_tid005999 --outDS=user.IsabelTrigger_.trig1_misal1_csc11.v1 --nEventsPerJob=10 --split=1 --site=TRIUMF
  • (I also tried --site=AUTO, which sent the job to ANALY_TOKYO, where it languished; my first few attempts to submit to TRIUMF had similar problems because various pilots were not running, which Rod immediately fixed for me, so probably it is best to pick a site where you know this will work or where you can talk to the people who make it work...)
  • dq2_ls user.IsabelTrigger_.trig1_misal1_csc11.v4
  • mkdir myPathenaOutput
  • dq2_get -d myPathenaOutput -r user.IsabelTrigger_.trig1_misal1_csc11.v4

--Isabel 11:29, 14 February 2008 (PST)

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