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The purpose of this wiki is to provide all the necessary information to allow a user to propose, plan, and run an experiment at TRIUMF. It is managed by the Beam Delivery group within the Accelerator Division and is meant to complement the information about TRIUMF's research program available on the lab's web site.

This wiki is a work in progress. Please forward all comments, queries, and suggestions to

[edit] Beam Delivery at TRIUMF

[edit] Guide for experimenters

[edit] How to ...

[edit] Facility information

[edit] TRIUMF contacts

  • Science Division
    • Admin Computing
  • Support groups
    • Detectors
    • Data acquisition and analysis
    • General support
  • Meson Hall
    • Beamline, channel and facility coordinators
  • ISAC
    • ISAC low-energy experimental facilities
    • ISAC-I (accelerated) experimental facilities
    • ISAC-II experimental facilities

[edit] Forms

[edit] Mounting an experiment

[edit] General purpose

[edit] Links

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