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[edit] Physical Sciences Division

[edit] Life Sciences Division

[edit] Accelerator Division

[edit] Support groups

[edit] Accelerator Operations

[edit] Stable Sources

[edit] Science Technology

[edit] Computing

  • Core Computing and Networking – website
  • All requests for computing services (user IDs, accounts, etc.) should be made through the TRIUMF HelpDesk.

[edit] General support

[edit] Meson Hall

[edit] Beamline, channel and facility coordinators

  • M9, M15, M20 – Syd Kreitzman (Department Head, MMS Facility)
  • M11 – Stan Yen (Research Scientist)
  • PIF, NIF, and TNF (Proton and Neutron Irradiation Facilities and the Thermal Neutron Facility) – Mike Trinczek (Facility Coordinator, PIF/NIF)
  • STF (Solid Target Facility) – Jozef Orzechowski (Radioisotope Production Facility Manager)
  • 500 MeV Irradiation Facility – Gabriel Cojocaru (Group Leader, ATG Cyclotron Operations)
  • UCN – Larry Lee (UCN Project Manager)

[edit] ISAC

  • Off-Line Ion Source (OLIS), stable beams – Keerthi Jayamanna (Group Leader, Stable Sources)
  • Targets/Ion Sources, radioactive ion beam development – Friedhelm Ames (Group Leader, Beam Delivery & Development), Peter Kunz (Actinide Target and RIB Physicist), Jens Lassen (Laser Ion Source Spectroscopist)
  • Front end and low-energy beam transport – Friedhelm Ames (Group Leader, Beam Delivery & Development), Suresh Saminathan (Beam Physicist), Brad Schultz (ISAC Low Energy Beam Development)
  • Accelerators and high-energy beam transport – Marco Marchetto (ISAC High Energy Facility Coordinator), Bob Laxdal (Department Head - RF/SRF), Spencer Kiy (Beam Delivery Coordinator)
  • Experimental facility support – Martin Alcorta (ISAC Detector and Target Physicist)
  • Beam delivery – Friedhelm Ames (Group Leader, Beam Delivery & Development), Spencer Kiy (Beam Delivery Coordinator), Brad Schultz (ISAC Low Energy Beam Development)
The ISAC Facility at TRIUMF.  Click for larger view.

ISAC comprises two experimental halls with a broad range of facilities. Each facility has a local Facility Coordinator who is responsible for the safe operation of the facility and will act as a user and visitor liaison. Interested scientists should contact the appropriate Coordinator from the lists below to obtain more information.

[edit] ISAC low-energy experimental facilities

[edit] ISAC-I (accelerated) experimental facilities

[edit] ISAC-II experimental facilities

The official lists of facility coordinators are available on TRIUMF's documents server (TRIUMF Secure Access ID required):

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