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[edit] Why GRSIGate?

Many TRIUMF computing resources are already restricted to access from within the TRIUMF domain. The tig cluster firewalls will imminently be upgraded to close any remaining off-site access. The existing ways to get access to TRIUMF from offsite have various limitations. grsigate is a solution that meets most if not all of our needs.

[edit] What is grsigate is a virtual PC running linux. Most system administration duties, such as security updates, are managed by the TRIUMF IT group. Greg Hackman is authorized to manage users.

[edit] When to use

Use grsigate to:

  • log in interactively to tig cluster computers
  • copy data files using SCP, port forwarding, and tunnelling
  • log in to epics computers

[edit] How to use

[edit] General access

  • If you don't already have an account, request one.
    • See Access.
    • Use passwd to change the password on this account. Do NOT use yppasswd (which you use on the tig cluster).
  • ssh into it
ssh -Y
  • ssh to your final destination (e.g. grsmid00, midtig06, lnfillserv, etc.)
 ssh -Y tiglnxx@lnfillserv

[edit] File copying using scp

One way to copy large files is to use scp with port tunnelling.

When you log in to grsigate, there will be a startup message listing a README file with the relevant information on it. Look also in the /opt directory for README.* files.

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