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[edit] Duties of the Cryogenics Officer (CO)

At all times, there is a designated Cryogenics Officer (CO). Normally these duties are rotated through research associate staff. The CO is responsible for guaranteeing that detector reservoirs are filled regularly. Tasks associated with this responsibility include:

  • Carrying the cell phone
  • Monitoring fill through the cell phone, e-mail, or EPICS interfaces
  • Taking corrective action when a fill fails or if fill success cannot be positively confirmed
  • Filling phase separators (supply dewars) as needed
  • Attending to other cryogenics detectors (e.g. PACES) as needed.

Procedures for executing these tasks are described in the main LN2 page.


Currently all three phase separators are connected to building supplies.

[edit] How do I get in?

  • GRIFFIN: ssh -X tigln08@lnfillserv
  • TIGRESS at SEBT3 (i.e. on the beamline): ssh -X tigln01@lnfillserv
  • Room 156 lab: ssh -X tigress@lnfillserv then select TIGRESS Mark II

NOTE: From *nix systems (SL, Centos, Ubuntu, MacOSX, etc), this is pretty straightforward. You may, however, need some Epics Font Help.

If you are using Windows, please see this site on ho to set up and connect to EDM using Windows.

[edit] Tracking fill times

A plot created by Guy showing the fill times from the past 60 days can be found here.

[edit] Duty Roster

See the official group Contacts page for contact information.

People on duty take responsibility effective 12h00 on their "Start" day, and remain responsible up until the next assigned person takes responsibility.

Most duty is for one week. If the "end" column is empty, the last day of that assignment is the same as the start of the next one.

Start End Cryogenics Officer Notes
01/02 Stephen
01/09 Kenneth
01/16 Nikita
01/23 Roger
01/30 Yukiya
02/06 Mike
02/13 Bruno
02/20 James
02/27 Soumendu
03/06 Stephen
03/13 Kenneth
03/20 Nikita
03/27 Roger
04/03 Yukiya
04/10 Mike
04/17 Bruno
04/24 James
05/01 Soumendu
05/08 Aaron

[edit] Other Responsible People

  • Greg Hackman -- general questions, including administrative ones
  • Shaun Georges -- general questions, especially technical ones
  • Dave Morris -- PLC controllers & ladder logic programming
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